Three Words

“Gratitude Changes Everything.” I don’t remember when or where I first read that quote; I don’t even remember who first said it, but it immediately hit me like a ton of bricks! Those three words fundamentally changed me as a person.

Like most of you, I’ve had many ups and downs in my life. If life is a choice of carnival rides, most people opted for the merry-go-round while we raced to get on the rollercoaster; silly us! But here we are – rocketing through life, trying to figure out when the crisis will end, if our businesses will survive, and what will everything look like when the dust settles.

My practical advice is to create a plan for the next 30-60-90 days on where you want to be in business and in your life. Set goals and then have daily tasks that will help you reach them over the next three months. This plan is replacing the one that was blown up when the coronavirus became a global pandemic. You cannot allow everything that is happening around you keeps you from achieving your goals; stay focused, and hold yourself, and the people who work for you, accountable to the new plan.  

And make sure you are grateful for the opportunities you have right now today. The gratitude you hold inside is the fuel that will help get you from where you are right now to where you want to be in 90 days. It will repel the stress, anxiety, and fear that so desperately want to enter your mind. Gratitude is your superpower and it’s time to start using it.

Founder and CEO of Brian Moran & Associates.

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Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know the news.