Takin Care of (Your) Business This Summer

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In This Episode: Don’t wait until your employees leave you or you have a stroke to realize that taking care of the physical and mental health of your employees (and yourself) is as important as selling your products and services. Start making healthy choices NOW!

Key Takeaways: 

  • Too many business owners neglect self-care and rest, which may result in diminished productivity and creativity. Taking time off can actually lead to inspiration and open-mindedness.
  • It’s important to create a healthy environment for employees. Instituting wellness programs and policies is essential in keeping the team motivated and productive.
  • Don’t let “time robbers” steal away your planned rest or relaxation time. 
  • Business owners should identify their own strengths and focus on them, leaving other tasks to capable team members. This way, they can optimize their own productivity and improve their overall wellbeing.
  • In addition to personal wellness, creating a business culture that values employee wellbeing is crucial. Instituting wellness programs, managing workloads effectively, and showing care for employees can turn ordinary results into extraordinary achievements. 
  • Accountability is essential for self-care and mental health. Most people struggle to hold themselves accountable for activities related to their wellness. This could include taking breaks, managing time effectively, or introducing regular physical activity into the daily routine.
  • Incentivize wellness activities with rewards. Introducing a reward system for achieving wellness goals can be an effective strategy. This is based on the idea that humans, like animals, respond well to rewards for desired behaviors. 
  • Collaboration and support can increase accountability. For solopreneurs or remote workers, team up with another business owner to hold each other accountable for wellness goals.
  • Planning is critical for wellness. Take the necessary time to plan your wellness activities, identifying what’s important to you, what you want to achieve, how you plan to do it, and who will hold you accountable.
  • It’s okay to make mistakes. If you do not stick to your wellness plan, don’t beat yourself up. Instead, understand that it’s a part of the process and it’s okay to make mistakes.

Commit to yourself as much as you commit to your company. The core takeaway from this podcast is that your well-being is as important as your business. Your health, mental and physical, directly impacts your business. Taking care of yourself is a critical investment in the success of your business.


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