Helping Business Owners Navigate a Pandemic

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Raju Vegesna is the Chief Evangelist at Zoho.

In this episode, Raju, Rieva, and Brian talk about everything that Zoho is doing to help small and midsize companies successfully navigate a global pandemic. 

Tips from Raju Vegesna:

  • Zoho is a unique company, privately held, bootstrapped from day one and we’ve been in business for 24 years.
  • When we saw the impact of the coronavirus, we created a solution to help business owners work remotely. Within one week, our team put together a package of remote apps that we are offering to users for free until July 1st.
  • Business owners need to stay in touch with everyone in their ecosystem. We bundled communication tools into Zoho Remotely. Then we thought about chatting with groups or video calls, so we added Zoho Meeting app and related tools for web conferencing.
  • I think we covered every aspect and angle of working remotely in our Zoho Remotely package for businesses. So far, the responses have been incredible.
  • A landlord recently tweeted, “all my tenants don’t have to pay rent for the next two months. Instead, use that money to keep health insurance for your employees.” That is beautiful. Imagine removing a big burden for small businesses that will help them stay afloat. If every company could pitch in so that we, as a community will come out better, in the future. That is how it should be.
  • At this point, survival is the key. Let’s not talking about growth or any other aspect of business. Take care of your people and make sure that everyone survives together. During tough times is when the character of an individual or a business comes out.


Raju Vegesna and Zoho

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