Great Opportunities for Business Owners in the Out-of-Home Advertising Market

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Rieva and Brian learn about all the amazing advertising and marketing opportunities for business owners in the Out-of-Home Market from Anna Bager and Carrie Fitzmaurice Daly, two industry veterans who provide MANY great takeaways.

Insights from Anna Bager and Carrie Fitzmaurice Daly:

  • Almost any surface where you can put an ad has become a digital display—a doctor’s office, elevators, movie theater lobbies, grocery stores, malls, everywhere.
  • Digital out-of-home advertising can be very efficient. You can target customers within a certain radius of your retail location (1/2 mile up to 10-20 miles away).
  • The biggest misconception about out-of-home advertising is that it is too expensive for small business owners to use. Almost every small business can afford out-of-home advertising. 
  • Digital out-of-home advertising allows companies to easily change and/or rotate their messages, often in real-time.  
  • Look around the next time you go downtown. Who is advertising out-of-home? Local insurance agents, realtors, restaurants, and probably some national advertisers too. What kinds of messages are the conveying? Do they talk about how their businesses have responded to the current pandemic? They are staying connected to their customers through their advertising.
  • On the OAAA website, check out the media locator, a tool that allows you to tap into a location to get a full overview of the type of out-of-home assets that exist in/around that location.


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Rieva Lesonsky

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Brian Moran

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