GoDaddy’s Gifts for Business Owners: Our Conversation with Fara Howard, CMO, at GoDaddy

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CMO at GoDaddy

In This Episode:

Fara Howard, CMO at GoDaddy, talks about their 2023 Holiday Gift Guide and what went into putting it together. She also discusses the transformative role of AI in small business growth and offers valuable advice for business owners.

Podcast Highlights:

  • Launch of the Small Business Gift Guide: GoDaddy introduced a Small Business Gift Guide for the holiday season to support business owners by showcasing their products. 
  • Integration of AI into GoDaddy’s Services: This integration aims to simplify and speed up creating online presences for small businesses. The AI-driven tools can dynamically generate content, logos, and even complete websites, providing a significant boost to businesses with limited resources.
  • Challenges and Opportunities for Small Businesses During the Holidays: This includes planning for peak seasonality, managing inventory, hiring additional staff, and ensuring customer retention. Fara advises businesses to capture customer information for future outreach and stresses the importance of having the right suite of tools to manage increased demands.
  • Learn and Share: GoDaddy gathers insights from various small business segments and shares best practices across its community. This approach is vital in a segmented market where different solutions may apply to different types of businesses. 
  • GoDaddy’s Future Plans and AI Integration: GoDaddy plans to continue its commitment to AI through GoDaddy Arrow, a solution designed to help customers quickly establish their online presence. There is also a focus on enhancing commerce and payment capabilities, enabling small businesses to sell across various platforms and contexts.

What is GoDaddy Arrow? It’s GoDaddy’s new product integrating AI into website building and is currently available to a subset of their user base. The full launch is expected in early 2024.

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