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Global Marketing and Partnership Lead at

In this Episode:  Min Yang, Global Marketing and Partnership Lead at shares why the company decided to host its first ever in-person conference in Las Vegas this year, and some amazing new features that business owners can utilize on their website.

Highlights From the Podcast: 

Co-Create Event: This is’s very first flagship event for customers with industry experts and Alibaba partners attending.

B2B E-Commerce Focus: Min Yang emphasized the importance of helping customers find the right supply chain and product options, especially post-Covid. Diversity in the supply chain and cost-efficiency are top priorities for customers.

Transformation: Over the past few years, has transitioned from just connecting suppliers and customers to becoming a one-stop trading platform. They now offer logistics services, trade assurance (protection for buyers), and financing options.

Verified Suppliers: provides a “Verified Supplier” badge to ensure that suppliers are vetted by a third party, offering more transparency and trust for buyers. This process addresses buyers’ concerns about transparency in the supplier base.

Trade Assurance: introduced “Trade Assurance” to assure businesses, especially those hesitant about global transactions. It provides protection for buyers if there are discrepancies or issues with product orders.

Support for Small Businesses: Recognizing the challenges faced by startups and small businesses in global sourcing, introduced features like Trade Assurance to simplify and safeguard the sourcing process.

Global Reach: The platform operates in 190 countries and regions, underscoring its extensive global reach.

Diverse Product Range: offers products from nearly every industry and category, with around five thousand subcategories, ranging from small items like needles to large machinery.

Transactional Marketplace: Min Yang confirms that operates as a transactional marketplace, handling payments through multiple methods, even offering payment terms for qualified business buyers.

Opportunities for US Manufacturers: U.S. manufacturers can use the platform to export their products, highlighting areas like food, beverage, and agriculture as categories where U.S. manufacturers excel.
Listening to Customers & Supplier Options: For customers looking for nearshore or local options, they strive to ensure a supplier is available to meet those demands. The platform allows users to search by country, delivery time, or type of product.

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