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Founder and CEO of SquareStack

In this Episode:

Bill Furlong, Founder and CEO of SquareStack, wanted business owners to see their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in real time to help drive success…so he created a dashboard for them.

Tips from Bill Furlong: 

  • Square Stack is a “Business Apps Command Center for Small Business.” It is designed for small business owners who use cloud-based software in their operations, rather than businesses that rely on minimal digital tools.
  • The platform aims to save time and improve operational efficiency for small business owners, allowing them to focus more on their craft rather than the administrative side of the business.
  • Square Stack is particularly relevant for small businesses that have increased their reliance on technology, helping them to manage and optimize their digital tools more effectively.
  • Marketing and financial apps lead the way in the types of software most commonly used by businesses, with QuickBooks, ADP, and FreshBooks mentioned as popular choices.
  • Minority-based businesses are outperforming others in embracing technology, using it to overcome challenges in capital raising and networking.
  • The adoption of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems is seen as a turning point in fully embracing technology for business growth.
  • AI is being used to enhance various business functions like marketing, where it assists in tasks like writing copy and analyzing data. AI is also evolving the role of professionals like copywriters and accountants, who now integrate AI tools into refining their crafts and offering more value-added services.

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